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The world is in turmoil. Yesterday Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, the largest manufacturer of electric vehicles, announced the opening of a new Gigafactory in Berlin. To make sure we’re all on the same page. The Gigafactory is a production site for various Tesla products. These include vehicles like the models S/3/X and in the future Y (sexy huh?) but also batteries and solar modules. They are already three Gigafactories:

  • Gigafactory 1, located in Reno, NV, USA
  • Gigafactory 2, located in Buffalo, NY, USA
  • Gigafactory 3, located in Shanghai, China
  • Gigafactory 4, planned to build in Grünheide, Brandenburg, Germany


Kristopher Allison -

We are all under great pressure to perform. Both in our careers and in our private lives many of us always try to reach the maximum in order to push the last drop of efficiency out of the day. In addition to physical strain, psychological problems often arise as well. In this context, I would like to show you 5 simple ways to improve your life and your day.

1. Digital Detox

The digitization has us fully under control. Constant accessibility and a multitude of communication channels are just a fingertip away and allow our “always-on” mentality to determine our lives. So it’s…

By growing up in the former German Democratic Republic (GDR) in a hard-working family without any academical background, I discovered some of my skillsets (f.e. speaking and writing in English) just in the past 10 years. So please be kind and connive some grammar issues. Additionally, this is not only my first post on Medium, but it is also my first time to express myself online in a “professional” environment to share some thoughts.

To understand my path I will give you a small insight into my background. …

Viktor Baumann

33y — Berlin, Germany, — M.Sc. Student of Business Informatics and Digital Transformation— Generalist — working-class child looking for the purpose of life.

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